How to Sell Products Online in India?

1. If you already own a business, and currently selling your products in the traditional market &  now you also want to increase your current customer base by also selling your products online.


2. If you want to start a new business, where you don’t want to setup any physical store and just want to sell your products to customers all over the world through Internet?

This is the checklist that can help you to sell your products online in India:

  1. A domain name
  2. A shopping cart software / Website
  3. Web hosting (optional)
  4. Payment Gateway (online payment processing system)
  5. Online Marketing  (optional)

1. Domain Name

How to sell your products online in India
How to sell your products online in India

Just like you have an address for your physical store in any area, so if you provide your store address to your customer, they can come visit your store and purchase your products. Similarly in order for customers to find your online store, you need to have an address online. Domain Name is the address for your online store. Eg: if I am a soft toys manufacturer in India with business name “FunZoo Toys” and if I want sell my toys online, then I might register an address on internet like “”

Just like you get a registered house number from your local authority, you need to register your Domain Name from a Domain Registrar. It would cost you somewhere from Rs. 350/- to Rs. 2000/- (or $7 to $25) per Year.

You can register your domain name from one of the following domain registrars: or

2. Shopping Cart Software / shopping website

This is specialized software that will help you to manage and sell your products online. This shopping cart software will allow you add new products to your website, edit the product details like, product name, product id, product price, product description, images of the products, product stock and other product attributes like size, colour, weight, etc…

Shopping cart software will make it easy for you to manage all the details about your products on your internet. You don’t require advance technical skills in order to work on shopping cart. Any one will very little technical knowledge like, if you can browse on internet, then you can manage this shopping cart.

There are 2 types of shopping cart software:

A. Self Hosted Open-source Shopping Cart

Open-Source normally is mostly free software developed by a community of developers. There are many such communities who offer this shopping cart software with basic features for free. Only if you need custom or additional features you will pay separately for each premium feature. The basic free version would work for most of the businesses. But you should have an IT guy friend or employee in order to install this software on your webserver and manage it from time to time.

Your IT guy has to update the software as and when new versions of software are released. So its like only if you / your friend / your staff has IT knowledge to maintain this shopping cart software, I recommend to go for this. There are many other technical considerations you need to understand if you want to opt for this. If you are planning for Open-source Shopping Cart and want to find more technical details, you can connect with me on facebook or twitter…

List of Open Source Shopping Cart Software: 1. Zen Cart 2. OS Commerce 3. Magento

B. Managed Shopping Cart

Managed shopping cart is the opposite of Open-source free shopping cart. The software here is developed and maintained by shopping cart providers or companies. You don’t need to worry on upgrading the software or any technical errors. You can just leave the technical headaches to the shopping cart provider and can focus on running your business. These companies will charge you a monthly subscription fee for using their shopping cart services and sometimes like a small percentage of your online orders.

Managed Shopping Cart is normally recommended as you will not be wasting your precious time on technical issues, but if you have kind of budget limitation and has technical expertise then you can start with open-source shopping cart software.

List of Managed Shopping Cart companies: 1. MartJack 2. Prostores 3. Amazon

3. Web-hosting

Web-hosting simply means the space where you store information about your products on Internet. It refers to the server space on the internet. Web-hosting is applicable only if you choose Open-source shopping cart or any other custom made software. The cost again depends on how powerful servers you need for your shopping cart. Starts from Rs.300/- or $5.

Webhosting is not applicable in case of managed shopping cart as you will be paying them a license fee, which includes the cost for software, servers & maintenance.

List of Web Hosting companies: 1. Hostgator 2. Blue Host

4. Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways allows the secure transfer of funds from customer’s credit card to your bank account. In order to receive the payment from customer’s credit card or his bank account to your bank account, you need to sign-up for a payment gateway , which is very similar to physical point of sales terminal what you see when you are making a payment at any physical retail stores.

Payment Gateways authorizes internet credit card transactions and deposits the funds into your bank account securely. They charge a transaction fee and the percentage varies from provider to provider and also on your monthly sales figure. Transaction fee ranges from 5% to 1.7% of total order.

List of payment gateway providers: 1. EBS 2. CC Avenue 3.  Paypal 4. Times Money

5. Online Marketing / Promoting your Products Online

It’s not enough, if you just have a website with all your products listed. All the above points we just discussed will just be helping you setup the infrastructure which will allow you to sell your products on the internet. Unless your customers know about your products or brand, they won’t be able to come to your online store directly and purchase your products.

Since you are looking to expand your business by selling to customers globally, you need to make sure that when customers are searching online for products related to what you are offering, your website have to show-up. When customers want to buy any product online, they might not come directly to your website unless they already know about you, but how to attract new customers?

Mostly when customers have the need for any product, they go to search engines like Google or Bing and then try to enter the products in the search box, that’s when Google or any search engine will show them with about 10 websites that offer the products they are searching for. Let’s say your online store is the number one listing out of those search results. Customers will click on your online store listing and Google will redirect them to your website, where they will actually find details about your products and purchase them on your online store.

Wasn’t that Free Traffic from Google? But the challenge would be “How to get on to the top of the Google Search Results”? Wells that’s again a big topic called as Digital Marketing, but don’t worry I will covering those topics in details in my upcoming blog posts… Just in-case your want to learn in-depth of digital marketing and making your online store a great success you can also attend “digital marketing in-depth training course” or “SEO training course” from Digital Marketing Academy.

Keep watching… you can also connect with me on facebook or twitter or subscribe to my newsletter option, which will inform you about all my upcoming posts on “how to sell your products online in India”.


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    1. I wanna start online business..mah products will be Jaipur handicrafts..BT I m confused about how to start d business online..should I make mah own online website or should I post mah products on other website..n if so den hw can I post mah products on other websites please help me..I m very confused…: (

  1. I just came onto your post and found it quite interesting. I am also associated with High Risk and Off Shore Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateway Services and enjoy to read the stuff on the same as it’s rarely found on Payment Gateway.

    1. I am also planning to open online store which will send gifts to India and purchaser will be mainly US based. Where should I register my store and how to go for payment gateway. Do I need to have US account.

      1. Raj, setting up a US company account, unless you have green card is not easy (but possible). As per your requirements I would simply recommend just choose the right domain name which ends with .com and start selling (hope you have already gone through this article on how to setup your online store). Now coming to getting payments from people living in US, you can simply signup for paypal account, verify it with your Indian Bank and credit card and once approved you can right away start selling.. approval process hardly takes 1 to 5 days.. With paypal you can put your prices in USD.. and the best part of paypal is most of the users in US have a paypal account. Even if your customers dont have a paypal account, they can pay with their credit card via paypal (they dont need to signup for a paypal account).

    1. neel, can you please answer me this!!?. i am starting ipad selling online business in india, i am an indian, do i need to take permission from apple or co companies from samsung etc.,?. i appreciate your reply.

  2. what about legal issues like: VAT registration, business premise, can i use my home as business premise, accounting issues, VAT payments/refunds/set-off etc.
    Please give some details in these areas also, it will be very helpful to me.

    1. Yogesh, you can run this business from your home.. but probably you should have some inventory storage space.. As far VAT, I am not expert in this field.. probably you contact some CA near your place.. payments and refunds would normally be as per your payment gateway company…

      1. Yes you can run this business from your home. You just need to get a Shop License under Mumbai Shop License Act . and you can get a bank account from that. You need not to register VAT until your turnover goes beyond 5 lakhs.

        If you have any property in rural area, thats best, you can go to grampanchayat and get a shop certificate from them which will help to get your bank account.

    1. Hi Yogesh, if you dont have much funds to start.. best way to start is selling your products on online marketplaces like ebay, amazon, etc.. where you are not required to pay any upfront charges neither for the shopping cart nor for the payment gateway.. you just pay a part of your sale, lets say 3%. if your products costs Rs.100 and when customers pays you, then these market places will charge Rs.3 out of your Rs.100 and deposit Rs.97 into your account. then you can ship the products to your customers..

      Alternatively if you have funds to start your own shopping website, I would recommend rather than going with open source shopping carts, you can go with already established paid shopping carts like, you pay them about Rs.2500 per month for shopping cart / website. then you have to purchase your own payment gateway from paypal/ebs/ccavenue as mentioned above in the post

    1. Hello Vishnu, EBS and CCavenue do offer the 2%, but they wont list this on their website. But again they will only offer you 2% of less when you have sales over lakhs.. for small retailers, they would not offer anything less than 2.5 to 3%.. you can submit the enquiry form on their website, they should call you back and you can discuss..

      1. Geeta, rather than setting up your own online store as of now, probably you should approach the health related branded stores, etc.. and try to offer your products on their site.. your direct customers might not search on the internet specifically for your products as stand alone products.. if you showcase them with other related products, then you have more chances of selling them..

        however you can optimize your website for B2b customers, who would be willing to stock your products in their Inventory.. optimize your website for keywords like baby diaper dealers in India, sanitary napkin manufacturers in India / or city name, etc..

      2. Hi, Neel.
        I have tried to the different sites , But response from sites is very low. Can you guide for proper channel to sell my products through the stablished web store. As i am not interested to start my own web store. Because i do agree with your logic also.
        So if you can give consultancy even to get entry i may go with that option also

      3. Geeta, you can contact

        apart from this just google “online baby stores in india” and you will get plenty of online stores list.. just submit their contact us form or look for vendor page..

        also first thing you need to improve you website appearance.. frankly if any company visit your website they would not be convinced about your products.. your website is your first point of contact / impression.. if they dont like it, then its not good!

        once done with website appearance, work on optimizing your website for b2b related search keywords..

    1. Shekhar, depends on whats your business plan!! if your expected revenues per month is above 1 lakh or so then you can go for company registration which would again cost you around 5k to 30k depending on they type of company (proprietor, partnership, pvt ltd).. If you are just starting with 5 or 10 products and below 1 lakh sales, then you can just signup with paypal for payment gateway and start selling your products with our company registration..

  3. will the ecommerce(like flipkart or myntra) sites take products from a startup..? And what about my brand name if i dont register a company ?

    1. Mostly they only showcase branded products and as far my understanding they might not entertain the startups unless you got very distinctive products or you have great deals for them..

  4. @Neel : How these big websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc manage their stocks.. They buy it after they get the request from customer or they buy it before cutomer orders them.

    1. Depends on the products demand.. if fast moving products lets say selling atleast 50 products per day kind… then they will maintain the stocks at their own Inventory.. for slow moving products, they would place order with suppliers once they receive the order from their customers..

      Large companies do also follow another method: not exactly but can be called as Just-In-Time, here the company would not maintain any Inventory as such, instead as soon as they receive order from customers, their system is automated to send alerts to their suppliers, who would be sending the products in no-time to central Inventory from where the product would be shipped to the customers..

      Apart from that many online portals who sell multi-brand products would not have any Inventory, when they receive the order, it will appear in their suppliers system who then will ship the products to the customers directly. also called as white label shipping..

  5. Hi Neel,
    I want to expand my father’s business. He is a Trader based in New Delhi. He deals with Stoles, Mufflars, Shawls, caps etc for winter and summer. Can you suggest me -How should I start. I am thinking to go with ebay. what all other options you suggest.
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi Renna, are they hand-made products? if so you can sell them on kindly of sites..

      Here are the list of online market places where you can upload your products and start selling online.. few companies do offer free setup and other charge some amount either on transaction charge basis or monthly fees basis..:

      1. Craftsvilla
      2. SnapDeal
      3. Ebay
      4. IndiaTimes
      5. Rediff Shopping
      6. Homeshop18
      7. Tradus
      8. Flipkart
      9. Infibeam
      10. Art For Everyday
      11. Nethaat
      12. Unwrapindia
      13. Quirko
      14. Red Patang : Caters only to North American buyers
      15. Fashion at Click
      16. Egully
      17. Mirraw
      18. Fabfurnish
      19. Shop Inonit
      20. Shopclues
      21. Shopick
      22. 3 Closets
      23. First Row
      24. Indiologie
      25. Its Handmade
      26. 6Y Collective
      27. Pepperfry
      28. Nineteen
      29. Rangiru
      30. Tadpole Store
      31. Status Stores
      32. Style Tag
      33. Young Republic
      34. Craffts
      35. We Style
      36. Storrz
      37. Koovs
      38. Zaarga
      39. 48Craft
      40. CraftVille
      41. BuyNBrag
      42. LadyBlush
      43. Fabulloso
      44. Milenga

  6. I feel like eCommerce is in a transition right now. There are places for branded products and increasingly more places for personal product offerings.

    1. Kapil,

      first thing before you get online is try checking if your business has scope for online selling.. Are there any other companies in your industry already selling online? if so simple answer would be “yes there is scope for online selling”. if you are first comer, then you need to spend some time on Keyword research.. in other words, you just need to check if people are actually searching online for your products.. this is one part also called as keyword analysis (I haven’t written a blog on this topic yet, but will cover this topic soon and update you back)..

      second just like others, you need to setup the infrastructure for your online store and start selling.. I have already written a detailed blog on this, kindly go through the same and let me know if you get stuck anywhere..

      1. Srinivas, first step find out the online market scope for your products.. how you do that? you can do the keyword research with google keyword tool to see if people are actually searching online/google the products that you want to sell.. if you see figures in your favor you can start as per the steps in this blog.. use free google keyword tool to find the demand for your products..

  7. Hi I want to do on line business n I want sell leather footware n assesories
    So in inetial stage if I choose groupon to sell product is it nessary to make my own website,flipcart,n payment gateway

    1. Abhijit, if you are planning to sell through Groupon, you don’t require to setup a separate website.. I mean its not compulsory.. but if you have a website then it would be added advantage.. again you dont require to have a ecommerce website and payment gateways and stuff which i have mentioned in this the customers will pay to groupon and who inturn will be paying you..

      but if you have a website which will atleast showcase the products you sell with all info and images.. this will boost your customers confidence online and will actually help you in more sales online..

  8. I am into handmade jewelry making and other handmade handicraft products, I have got into this business recently. I rally dont kinow how to sell my products. I am really tensed and am really looking out for advice and help for the same. Can you pls guide me as I have very less funds for investment and my biggest asset is my talent, creativity, confidence and hardwork. ple reply ..need your advice..

    1. Saiylee better start with wordpress with wpcommerce plugin if you have enough time to research, learn and implement.. else speak with if you have 3000 budget per month for shopping cart software.. they have nice support team who will do most of the work for you..

  9. Neel I am Vinita. I work from home as freelancer in database administration. But online selling attracts me quite a lot. Can you guide me as which products I can sell so that they would be really sold quickly and will not be hanging on shelf for long.

    1. Vinita,

      As far my knowledge apart from quick selling goods, if you focus on niche goods (less competitive, not every one is competing/selling online) you will see better success.. fast moving / quick selling goods would sure be highly competitive and it will take years… may be 5+ years to have your first order..

      I wont be able to suggest the exact category.. it depends on your interests.. what ever you are good with.. again how to find if a product is highly competitive or not? through keyword research..

  10. Dear Neel,

    Thank you for this superb article……… helps us alot to understand the matter………………….and i wanna know that can i use wordpress as a platform website for the ecommerce business also i have purchased a .com domain from big and yesterday i got a call from bigrock side regarding the web hosting……they are offering a complete package except the payment gateway in 2700/- P.A. which will be the right one ?…… m new to this field kindly ignore the silly questions……….:-)

    1. Vinod glad you liked my article.. Yes wordpress is most preferred platform around the world for ecommerce.. you can say most of the ecommerce are built on wordpress. you have to choose one of the ecommerce wordpress plugins.. like wpecommerce, woocommerce, etc..

      you can go ahead with bigrock.. but insist for discounts and they will give atleast for first year.. but again wordpress ecommerce with out payment gateway is of no use.. except show case your products like real ecommerce portal..

      If you want to sell online through your website then you need payment gateway.. you can start with paypal if your prices are in USD and other currencies but not INR..

      1. Dear Neel,

        I am into online business of imitation jewellery from last 1 year. My brand listings are almost on all the top portal in India and I am getting good response from them. I have created my own web store but I am not getting expected traffic. Please can you help me understand how to increase the traffic or can you provide me the contact of some genuine professional person who can setup the same?

        Regards, Bhavesh

        On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 11:36 PM, Sell Online in India wrote:

        > ** > Neel commented: “Vinod glad you liked my article.. Yes wordpress is > most preferred platform around the world for ecommerce.. you can say most > of the ecommerce are built on wordpress. you have to choose one of the > ecommerce wordpress plugins.. like wpecommerce, woocommerce” >

      2. Bhavesh, sorry for delay reply.. Google has just changed their algorithm, you would have lost almost 30 to 60% of your traffic.. just check for freelancers on various portals for SEO. alternate best option is attend the SEO course yourself, it could hardly take 2 weeks and you will understand better on how to generate traffic yourself. if you need resources, let me know.. I will recommend few freelancers that i know, who can do that work for you..

  11. Dear Neel,

    First of all thanks alot for ur Priceless guidance Dear frnd i have asked Bigrock for the discount and they are agreed to give me 20% off. now there are few questions in my mind and need ur valuable guidence.
    1) Do i need to register a PVT LTD Firm First or the proprietorship will work.
    2) i have googled about the payment gateways and i found a firm payupaisa who is offering their gateway for free of cost. or any suggestions about this matter from ur side?
    3) any other information which is required for this project.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Vinod, Sorry for delay reply. 1. private limited has lot of legal implications.. proprietorship is good to start with..
      2. I havent used it.. just seen the website.. normally its very hard to get 1% transaction fee.. please check with their terms and condition once again.. there should be some hidden fees with each transaction.. please crosscheck once again..
      3.I hope by this time you already did you ground work.. if you got stuck anywhere, just let me know.. would be glad to help..

  12. Hi…need some help… I am private teacher and want to sell my classes like my lecture dvds and those are not much costly.. they lie in between 100 rs to 200 rs…but the number of students would be buying these are larger in number….and I am not a business registered organisation or company…. what would be the best method to sell….also I am not comfortable with much technical stuff like payment gateway .
    Plz help me….thanks in advance

    1. hello Ganesh, you dont require technical expertise in you case.. all the payment gateways offer “buy now” buttons.. where you just enter the product/service title, enter the price and it will give you code, which you just copy and paste it on your website in respective product/service pages..

      you can give a call to guys and they would help you understand this in details.. dont go for ccavenue, I had very bad experience with them.. If you pay the setup fee and if you cant satify the legal requirements, they are supposed to refund the setup fee.. but ccavenue guys even after making about 20 calls, same answer “very soon, its in process” its been over 5 years and i still didnt get any refund…

  13. Hi Neel,

    I want to start selling embroidered dresses online on portals like snapdeal,etc. Do I need a seperate registration for my business? Also, sales tax on these products are not charged in UP. But it is chargeable in other states. How do I manage this in online selling? Are there any other legal hassles involved in selling online?

    1. Very sorry Kusum, I am not a legal expert!, you can visit caclub and post your query about the sales tax, they are the right guys to answer all the tax related issues.. there are plenty of experts in that caclub community who can help you for sure..

  14. Hi Neel, I have recently started an ecommerce portal but my challenge is to select right products and to source them. Can you guide me with some tips of collecting products and sourcing them without investment.

    1. Hello Noha,

      there are plenty of b2b websites available like tradus or alibaba that you can check.. but it requires minimal investment.. each manufacturer has some minimum items with every order.. I also see you sell toys.. you can visit and give them a call and ask for Mr.Neeraj too see if any deal for you..

  15. Hi,
    I like this advice so much.

    plz, kindly advice me how can i grow my Real estate business in India at Hyderabad and i want more people to visit my website.

    thanks and regards,
    Ugan Thakur

    1. Hello Ugan,

      there is a concept called SEO (search engine optimization), with this you can try to get your website in the first page if not first result on Google search results.. it would take about 2 weeks to fully understand the concept.. there are lots of training institutes in Hyderabad for SEO training, you can attend them yourself or you can hire freelancers to do the SEO for you.. first option is what i recommend if you are a small business..


  16. hello i want to start selling services online . please help me with some issues my mobile number is ##########

  17. Hi neel, 1st thanks for this amazing article n all the help ur providing here. I am looking to sell western womens wear online. Other than ebay can u suggest any sites where I can sell? Since I am new to the biz n have not registered my company I am not getting sites where I can sell. Also how difficult is it to generate traffic for my website, what are the ways? Without registering the company which payment gateways can I opt for?

    1. would be the best site to start, if you are a fashion designer or designing the women wear yourself.. you are not required to register any company to sell here..

  18. Hi Neel, you posted good question is I have my own traditional handicraft shop which include bandhej ,traditional kurtis n all which is good demand now days I want to sell online I contact snap deal n other but very poor response and also send me mail to fill up all my personal detail I don’t have vat too cause its hand made work all site asking vat or tin not possible small business man like me can u suggests any good website they deal directly.or.they do business be half of us if vat and tin is compulsory..

    1. Hi Prashant, these days you need to have VAT / TIN to sell online.. Not only popular ecommerce sites, even if you want to setup your own store, for the payment gateway you need to register one.. Not to worry on the taxes part, as there are some exemptions if you dont exceed your revenues by 10 lakhs in a year.. for VAT/TIN related queries, post it on caclub.

      If you dont want to get into those thing and only can do cash on delivery (COD), just list out your products on your static website with no payment gateway and deliver the goods to your customer and get the payment on delivery.. but again it would have high shipping costs!

  19. Hello Neel,

    i went through your blogs and found them really interesting and inspiring too. The kind of expertise you are providing to people is of great help. i am planning to start a eCommerce business..a bit big plan..i was looking for a mentor or guide whom i can rely upon and share my idea with so that i get the right guidance n support. it would be really nice if you could mail me your contact details so that i could get in touch with you.Thanks a lot. Hoping for a speedy and positive reply.

  20. Hi Neel,
    First of all thanks for the helpful article. I am a graphic designer and WordPress Theme developer. I was working as a freelancer on and some other marketplace. Beside that from last few month I am selling my design and theme on envato marketplace ( & )

    Now my aim is to start won business. (one of my model site from india is )
    Though they are only selling there own products. I was thinking to allow people to sell there product on my site like envato. I have some question in my mind.

    1. I want to build my site using wordpress. Which plugin is suitable for my purpose, woocommerce or easy digital download.

    2. Do I need any type of licence or registration at the starting point or it could be later as business grows.

    3. I have a personal paypal account using which now I am receiving money in USD and paypal send them automatically in my bank account. What I need more to integrate paypal and card payment in my site.

    4. What type of licensing will be best for my product and what is the process for that.

    Any other information or guide will be helpful

    Thanks ones again.

    P.S. I am living in a Gram Panchayet Area in West Bengal

    1. 1. I want to build my site using wordpress. Which plugin is suitable for my purpose, woocommerce or easy digital download.

      –> woocommerce is good as far my knowledge

      2. Do I need any type of licence or registration at the starting point or it could be later as business grows.
      –> its better to have a sole proprietor firm registered, although its not mandatory, it would help you down the line very much..

      3. I have a personal paypal account using which now I am receiving money in USD and paypal send them automatically in my bank account. What I need more to integrate paypal and card payment in my site.
      –> with paypal you can only sell to customers outside India. You will not be able to sell to any one staying in India.. If your customer base is outside India, Paypal would be the best! otherwise look out for Indian payment gateway companies like EBS, CCavenue, etc..

      4. What type of licensing will be best for my product and what is the process for that.
      –> If you have multiple themes to offer and you come up with atleast one theme for month, its better to go on monthly subscription model as well as single theme purchase model..

  21. Hi Neel. We, 4 friends are planning to start our online shopping portal. Our plan is to make it one stop shop by adding a wide range of products but at a later on stage. We will be starting with Ladies western outfits as we are currently dealing with the same. Also we would like to add up some more items for a perfect launch. Seek your suggestions on what more products should we add.? Also, would like to gain knowledge about the branding/Promotions On Ground. Should we target Tier 2-3 cities for the start up or just one state in the beginning and then moving ahead???? Also would be requiring many more suggestions time to time.

  22. I make hand painted bellies. I want sale on-line. I have no registered comany.My monthly revenue will be less than 10000. How to proceed ? Jabang and Myntra will sale only regsitered product. Help with ideas were I can sale my product without issue. Thanks

  23. Hi Neel, thanks for sharing all the information. I am into academic industry from past 10 years. As looking to expand into online store but really confused about the product. I have registered for sales tax number 2 months ago but not able to decide the product. I live in delhi India. Kindly guide! Awaiting for your reply, Brds, Parvinder Kumar

  24. very nice information thanks buddy.But recommend if someone own a shop instead of creating a website should use websites which allow to post free ads

  25. i am interested to start online store.1) i have been hunting for online sale statistics of products to corner one. but invain. can you guide….2)how is the online market for premium grocery items in india?

    This link was very soothing & knowledgeable ontime 🙂

  26. HI Neel,

    I am creating a big list of indian ecommerce websites (around 1000+) as a part of y project work). Your article and answer is awesome). Can you suggest me some link or contact person who can help me out to make my data more stronger. I have already gathered 2500 websites and getting more. Request you if you can add something to my list by your valuable suggestions or data.

    My mail id is


  27. Sir I going to start online business like myntra snap n deal . But I wanted to know from where n how I will buying all these products. ?

  28. Thanks for the article Sir…it was very informative…!!
    I am a research intern and need to figure out if Self Hosted Open-source Shopping Cart or Managed Shopping Cart would be better for my company.
    Although a brand,it has recently ventured into healthcare and does not have the supporting infrastructure for an open source shopping cart.
    Can you please through some light on
    (1)what are the technical considerations/infrastructure requirements for having an open source shopping cart ?
    (2) What are the costs associated with going for managed shopping cart and the regulatory concerns in India?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  29. Hello Neel,

    If i want to set up online store website, which platform is google and user friendly (means php, .net etc.) and how much approx cost to be need build online store website?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      There are many online ready store which can fullfill your requirements.
      But allways remember performace of your web site. There are pro n cause of each side. Readymade solution will be cheap and easily available but will slow and bulky in loading. Either side from scratch development it requires heavy time and luck for right development people.

      Hope it will help!

      Warm Regards,
      Vinod Tank

  30. Hi neel ,

    I am mfg of all types of Indian imitation jewelry in mumbai , india
    I am doing wholesale business as of now in domestic and international market as well , but now I want to expand my business in online market so please help me that how to sell my products online .

    Sanjay chhajer

    1. Hello Mr. Sanjay,

      We have online shopping portal from West Bengal and now we are in process to create merchants for our business.

      Your products are Imitation’s and we have one more merchant (DDPearls) who already associated with us.

      Please contact us if you want to sell your products with us.

  31. I am planning to start an online store. But i actually wanted to know about the registration process, tax of income and sales, tin etc. Would u plese help me?

  32. Hello, I am working for a company which is specilised in selling industrial grade controllers and conevreters. Recently compnay is thinking to go online throgh third party product portals like Amazon or Ebay. Is it a good idea? or shall we establish our own e-commerce website to get better result?
    Kindly guide me in that.

  33. Hi Neel

    First of all i salute your constant energy and concern about all queries

    I am planning to start online selling of personality development course through “CD”‘s and wanna to know.

    1) According to you is this product have future growth in online selling.
    2) Tell me sites where a starter can add product in shopping sites because popular
    sites like flipkart etc. not suits us because of their formalities and response
    3) what are the paper formalities I have polished prior to apply to them

  34. Hi,

    My friend has a manufacturing unit for office stationary. He is earning good but does not have online presence yet.
    I offered him to start online selling for him and he is quite interesting.

    Could you please let me with more detailed information on this.
    1> what are the things to consider
    2> any challenges like distribution ship and etc.
    3> Cost involved

    Thanks in advance,

  35. Hello sir,

    please help me about selling product online. My husband have a toy business. They sell indian and chiness toys. Can we sell them online? We want to go with other websitr (like amazon etc.). How can we start this.
    Please help me and thanks in advance.

  36. Dear Sir,

    I saw your blog on establishing an e-commerce website. It is useful.

    I am planning to go for a start-up for selling homemade food items online. The preliminary website concept is already created. Further is is going to be created using OpenCart and will be hosted soon.

    Definitely our turnover will not cross INR 1 lac in any year. Of-course we are not that pessimistic.

    I would like to know whether
    (a) we need to register as a company to do online business
    (b) we need to get TIN etc., numbers
    (c) initially we go with NEFT and CoD payments methods only.
    (d) after 3-6 months, if we see good response, then we may opt for other payment gateway options.
    (e) the powders will be made at home, packed and will be handed over to courier service.
    (f) we need to get any health / food related permissions from government.

    I request you suggestions in the above aspects.

    Thanking you.


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