About my Blog – Sell Online in India

The reason behind starting this blog is to help new business owners and individuals to sell their products online and thereby increase  their revenues by attracting more and more prospective customers through web..

How can I help? I have about 6 years of experience in ecommerce industry. I have been helping many of my clients for the past few years to create their presence online.. Its not just enough if you have a website, “you need to be found online”.

I help you to make your business found online with very simple steps that any individual or business owner can implement even if you don’t have any technical expertise..


13 thoughts on “About my Blog – Sell Online in India

  1. Respected madam/sir

    i got this blog via internet search i am willing for starting an ecommerce store and looking for proffesional help can you contact us on d#######@yahoo.com

    1. Hello Pooja, I would be glad to to help you with your eCommerce store.. please let me know which kind of products you are planning to sell and whats your budget for the ecommerce store and maintenance..

      1. Dear sir,

        I want to sell (on regular basis) customized posters and photos printouts
        with and without framing through your site. Please let me know the
        formalities for the same.


        Neeraj Agarwal
        Faridabad. 121008

        Mobile – 9810697135

  2. Hello, most credit card payment gateways don’t provide service for selling software products. What are the other options. We want to reach global customers (including Indian customers)

    1. Gopal one is paypal, which is welcomed all over the world including Indian customers.. there is another company called 2co, but unlike paypal they have this monthly minimum sales target, else you will end up paying them monthly fee apart from transaction fee.. Google also have got payment gateway, but its only available to companies in US & UK as of now…

      The reason why most payment gateways wont entertain selling software products because of refund policy issues.. lets say you sell a software to one and he pays via credit card, and this guy after few days tells his credit card company that he didnt authorize the payment to your company.. so credit company now tells the payment gateway company to verify and refund the amount.. if its physical products, you as a merchant will have the proof of shipment delivery that you can submit to the payment gateway company and challenge the refund process.. since software is not a physical goods, you are bound to refund.. service company hardly have any seller protection.. so over all its mess to payment gateway companies while resolving the disputes between you and your customers about the payment authorization..

      apart from this there is lot of black money getting transferred from other countries to India specially in the name of software sales.. so specially in India you will not find any payment gateway companies entertaining the software sales..

      If you have any reliable friend of family member in the states, I would recommend to setup a company there and add you Indian company as its local subsidiary company.. your company in states have more options to sell software than your company in India

  3. Dear sir, i would like to have complete knowledge of how to sell product on line in india and abroad, in case of abroad how to make the dispatch materials , how much it costs ? kindly inform how to set up the entire system for selling product online
    Thanks and regards.

  4. How to sell Paintings on line? What are the documentation require while processing the order? Is there any sales tax on paintings in India and also what are the additional documentations required for selling them outside India?

  5. Can you please provide the list of indian dropshipping companies. Is there any dropshipping company to sell products outside india from india?

  6. Neel,
    I have been looking for product catalogue in India like the ones available on etilize or cnetcontentsolutins. Is there any company in india that is already doing this. Would appreciate if you can direct me to few of them.

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